Michael Stone

Michael Stone is a writer that I met over the Critter's Online Workshop. For inexplicable reasons, he's written a glowing review of my blog (yes, this very sucky blog that both of you are reading right now), and also gave one a plug for my yet-to-be published (one day) YA novel. Thanks Mike! You're a rockstar.

Michael's own yet-to-be published YA novel is spectacular. The titular character, Heather Berry, is a wood nymph, though she doesn't know it. I can't wait for the dead-tree edition (which is even funnier if you've read the novel).

Michael, like me, is shopping his manuscript around with various agents. I wish him the best of luck!

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At 10/17/08, 12:10 PM, Blogger Michael Stone said...

Cheers, Vince! I'm looking to the day when we can swap signed first editions of our novels and say, "I remember when..."

BTW my 'Bloody agents!' post is locked i.e. friends only. I know at least one agent I subbed to took the time to check out my website and LJ. Who's to say a future agent won't do likewise and see I've been very uncomplimentary about their species? Better safe than sorry.

At 10/19/08, 6:47 PM, Blogger Crinis said...

You make a good point. I changed the post to remove the link.


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