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As you may have gleaned from my prior post, we spent Thanksgiving on Kauai. For anyone looking for a tropical paradise free of dengue, malaria, and close relatives, I recommend the Garden Isle. I posted some choice photos to my flickr stream, the ones of the bugs and lizards being my favorites. We hiked the Napali coast and Waimea Canyon, as well as some snorkeling, beaching, and poolside lounging. Did I mention that it was warm? (Unlike Sunnyvale, which is cold, cold, cold right now.)

A week in the sun is good for frying the brain, errrr, for deep contemplation. I'm dissatisfied with my job prospects, and anyone not living in a cave in sub-Saharan Africa is aware that there is a recession going on, so it's not going to get better any time soon. So I've decided to take the next four months off from being paid--but not from work. My next novel needs finishing (and the first one needs more promoting), so I'm giving myself time to write without the pressure of job hunting or commuting or working.

This is rather drastic for me. I've always worked a nine-ish to five-ish job. Since college, since before graduating, and even in high school, I've been (gainfully) employed. And paid. Right now I feel like I'm on a sinking ship. I'm panicked, but at the same time thrilled. I can write in the morning, work on the garage projects in the afternoon, and make dinner for Tammy in the evening. As long as I get out to the coffee shop some mornings, I can make this work for me.

In other news, we had a lovely time in the City at Tammy's company's holiday party. I got to ride MUNI, both above and below ground. Don't know why that excited me, but it was fun. We also had brunch with some friends who just moved back to the area. Yippee! Roland and Cécile are rockstars, and I'm glad to have them back.

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