Pi day

Congress is considering designating March 14 "Pi Day".

I've been unofficially recognizing this non-holiday for years (usually just by eating pie, mmmmm),the text of the bill seems to attach more lofty aspirations to the day, e.g. surpassing Latvia in math achievement. I don't know if Latvia officially celebrates Pi Day, but I doubt that even if they do, it isn't the reason they kick our ass in math.

Also, pi is irrational, so 3/14 might lead some young learners to think that π is rational. (This reminds me of attempts by state legislatures to define π as 3 or 3.14 because the Bible says so. Ugh.) Also, many countries use the date convention 14/3 to designate the 14th of March. Pi day isn't very global.

Also, it seems the Congress of the United States doesn't know how to use unicode. I couldn't find a single instance of "π" in the text.

But a national day of pi, and pie! I can see it now. In order to get a piece of pie on π day, a school child must correctly calculate the circumference of the pie to the nearest nine digits, by hand (no calculators, long multiplication is a good skill, too). Older students can calculate the volume of a jaw breaker. Mathematics will rejoice, and dentists will cackle.



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