Viola gets a passport

Viola, Tammy, and I went to the post office to get Viola her first passport. We had an appointment. But everybody was out sick that day ("Shawn of the Dead" was my first thought). Then the woman who was doing passports went on break (but I moved quickly to "Brasil"). The second assistant didn't want to help us at the passport desk because she'd have to log out of her other desk to do so--who knew it takes fifteen minutes to click log-out? A well-meaning manager kept giving bad advice to ESLs seeking passports. A dude just wanted his ID back. Another just wanted photos. I just wanted to be out of the crowded postoffice. Meanwhile, the baby looked ready to crack. We needed a picture with her eyes open, and she looked on the verge at any moment of melting down into a puddle of baby.

But Viola was oblivious to our frustrations, and she even took a good photo.

Now, I'm taking this baby to Mexico!



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