Because I'm not dead

I went to WisCon. Still the best convention on the planet. And Madison is such a fantastic town. I remembered to get a ball cap this time. Now I can sneak around Stanfurd without looking conspicuous. I didn't get the roto, but my back is still killing me. I need to pack lighter; I'm over thirty now.

Viola is changing her sleeping habits. She's decided that sleep is for chumps. If she's a genetic mutant that doesn't require sleep then I'm screwed. Thank you Nancy Kress for making me even aware of this eventuality.

I didn't win WOTF.

I got sick, but I don't think I can blame the con.

The new job is more fun than I thought it would be. I write software in the clouds. My business cards say so.

My mouse pad is a stuffed monkey (I'm serious). I've named him Mono. He goes to work with me and makes my co-workers scratch their heads.

I've had to re-boot the ancient Greek. Jeez, you'd think you could remember six (ήξ ποι τής γαίς!) principle parts per verb, but that stuff doesn't stick. At least I didn't lose the first and second declensions.


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