Baby steps

I'm convinced that babies are able to learn one new thing at a time AND THAT'S IT. Viola is a master crawler at nearly seven months of age (the army crawl, but she's unstoppable). But she still can't roll from her stomach to sitting. In fact, she's still a bit shaky with sitting. She had a play date today with a baby her age almost to the day. Their differences and similarities were striking: Viola can wander the house at will, but if I put her sitting down facing her friend, she cries to be put on her stomach. The friend can sit hours on end, go to her stomach, and come back, but just cries as Viola makes laps around her. We parents hoped they could learn from one another, but all Viola seems to have picked up is how to suck on TWO FINGERS AT ONCE!!!!

On the double plus side, Viola signed FOOD twice today. Not MILK, but FOOD. That brings her signing vocabulary up to three.

Also, we're probably racking the Viola Nai'ale either tomorrow or Saturday. I hope to have a sample ready for Halloween.

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