New lessons in patience

We went to Babies-r-Us today, followed by Trader Joe's before going to story time at the library. I'm a pretty nervous guy, but usually waiting in lines is something I can handle. I can do verb conjugations in my head (or decline nouns), and I get to the front of the line eventually, purchases are made, I get to in the car and forget about it.

Today though, whew! I went through a lot of fingernails I don't have. The questions, my god the questions! In store Credit Card. No thank you. Rewards card? Hmmm. Maybe, alright yes. What time is it again? Just a sec, I need your entire life history, profile and cheek cells for DNA sequencing. Argh. I've got to get to TJs before story time!

Then at the grocery store, I forgot the bananas, no biggy. Get out of line and get the bananas. Two seconds! And the lines tripled. And I have a knack for finding the slowest line (though today all the lines were slow so my super power cackled at how easy it was). The cashier was nice, but man, SHUT UP! I want less chatty, more ringing up and bagging.

I thought we just made story time, but it already started (usually it runs two minutes late, never on time or two minutes early). We sit down and sing and play along, and Viola's loving most of it.

Then she starts melting down. A diaper change a quick walk through the stacks don't help. She's gone the fuss. Darn it! Story time at the library is also social time for daddy! I say hi and bye to some potential new friends and we're off.

Milestone today: Viola rode in a shopping cart for the first time. She loved it!

Lessons learned: Grow fingernails faster, find a way to heat milk with my mind, and I can wash my hands one hand at a time and still be very sanitary.

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At 11/18/09, 9:56 AM, Blogger marshlady said...

Vince that is so wild, cause I had something similar-I went to Cost Plus and got stuck in line for ...count em 20 minutes! First line someone wants itemized returns, so I move to another line where they are trying and succeeding in selling a "rewards card" complete with lengthy smoozing. I kept wondering if I should be happy, (people are out and spending etc) or annoyed at this constant selling. I dunno.


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