Not so secrets to bread

First, if your daughter doesn't like it, you did something *very* wrong.

OK, now on to pointers that work with my oven in Sunnyvale most times of year.

1) "Room temperature" for bread is much higher than I can get in my room. Thus the proofing setting on the oven is key. 85-100°F is ideal. I get excellent rises this way.

2) The yeast I buy from Berkeley Bowl is unsurpassed. If for some reason you don't live in my tiny corner of the universe, find a non-Whole Foods hippie store from which to buy your yeast. The yeast never disappoints.

3) If you don't feel bread Zen, DO NOT BAKE. Make a pâte fermentée or go for a walk. Bread is unforgiving of inattentive bakers.

4) Peter Reinhart's "The Bread Baker's Apprentice" is the best book out there for the home baker. If you have access to ovens unknown, then please try "The Bread Bible" by Rose Levy Berambaum. Her recipes are harder, but always rewarding.

5) Mix the salt and flour BEFORE you pitch the yeast. Salt intentially retards yeast growth. Do not stunt your bread by adding the salt and yeast at the same time.

6) ???

7) Profit!

Go Bears!


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