Click click

I usually take a shower during Viola's morning nap. (When she transitions to one nap, I don't know what I'll do, I'll have to pose that question to The Parents Guild).

This morning, she went down easy. I got my towel and was ready to turn the tap on when I heard a faint click-click click-click coming from what I thought was her room. It had been raining, and our heater's ventilation pipe makes a distinct noise when the droplets hit it, but this was different.

I peeked into Viola's room, and she was there smiling at me all proud of herself. I could see her because the light was on. Then it was off. Then it was on. The crib was close enough to the light switch that if she stood up she could turn the light on and off. Click click.

I moved the crib back another foot, put her down again, and then the obligatory screaming-before-nap began.


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