Net-winged Midge et al.

If I'm reading my field guide to California insects1 correctly, this is a Comstock's Net-winged Midge--Agathon comstocki, Family Blephariceridae--native to the granite regions of our state. If that's so, then she is far, far from home. We don't have waterfalls or swift-moving streams. I suspect she hitched a ride back from weekend warriors on their way home from Lake Tahoe.

While strange insects visited us, we finally knocked off a few important items on the ever-growing and never-ending to-do list.

We got the garage cleaned, and Blue is parked there again. We moved my Roman legionary armor up above the workbench and now my scutum and subarmalis watch over everything. It looks very cool. We got a bunch of the yard weeded. The citri were trimmed and fertilized. We bought our tomato plants for the summer garden at our city's community garden. We went a-garage-saling. We went to the only operational farm in all of Sunnyvale, Full Circle Farms, for their Earth Day festival. Viola got to pet an alpaca, several bunnies, some goats, and a kid. And then finally we secured the bookcase to the wall and moved the amplifier cords that rest on the the bookcase so that Viola can't play volume DJ anymore.

As if that wasn't enough, I made a really, really good olive bread from my bread cookbook2. The only thing I'd change is that I'd use Hunter3 next time for the biga. Otherwise, astounding.

Oh, and we managed to stay on top of laundry and dishes, too. Don't know how we did that.

1 California Insects, by Jerry A. Powell and Charles L. Hogue, pg 141, plate 162.

2 The Bread Bible, by Rose Levy Berambaum, pp. 383-8

3 Hunter is the name of my sourdough starter.

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