Four teeth fewer

My four wisdom teeth were pulled at 0800 today. I didn't look at the needle that went in my arm ever. The anesthetic worked pretty quick. One minute Dr. J is making small talk about movies, then World Cup, then I'm trying to tell him about my hobbies of Greek and Latin. My head was getting fuzzy and lightheaded pretty fast. I asked him about his hobbies (watching Warriors and Sharks games), and then everything shut off.

I woke up a few of times during surgery. I wasn't in pain, but I could feel him extracting each tooth. I heard that crunching sound I was warned about. At one point, I had to raise my hand because the clamp holding my mouth open was hurting by upper jaw.

The whole surgery took the length of The Crane Wife. The last song I remember was Yankee Bayonet, and I awoke to Sons and Daughters. Ahh Colin, getting me through oral surgery. Thank you.

I'm lying in bed now with ice on my cheeks and Vicadin and antibiotics in my system. I can barely talk. I can only wave at Viola. I've already bled through one pillow during a nap. I'm still fuzzy headed and my chin and lips are still tingly from the local.

I've been able to eat some pot de crème and chocolate pudding, all made lovingly last night for me by Tammy :-) Feeling sleepy again, so I'm going to take another nap now.

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Heal quickly!


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