DIY: The stove

Over the xmas holidays, our dish washer stopped working right before our expected house guests were to arrive. For several days we were doing dishes by hand for four adults and one toddler (that's like another two adults right there). Since we don't use paper plates or cups, were were hand-washing several times a day.

We replaced the dish washer as soon as we could. Based on our experience with Bosch appliances, we sought out another German-engineered machine. But no sooner had our house guests left and we got our dishes clean, our Bosch stove stopped working.

This is a fairly new stove, and I wasn't about to replace it, unlike the dish washer which was old before I inherited it from a family member (That thing had been on its last legs for a while).

After lots of Internet searching, I determined (guessed) that the problem was the electrical ignition element. It was probably burnt out from all the breads I had proofed.

It's an expensive part, $70 after shipping, so I hoped I was right.

Here's the pictures of the old part and all the tools I used to replace it. Above is a picture of the packaging that the new part came in. That's two boxes and shrink-wrap styrofoam, all for part the size and thickness of my fist.

How I did it: I pulled the stove all the way out, got behind it and disconnected the ignition leads. I tied the twine to these, then pushed the stove back in part way, just enough to get in through the front. I then unscrewed the ignition from the bottom of the oven and pulled it through. I untied the twine from the leads, tied the new part's leads to the twine, and then pushed them through the hole in the back. After I screwed in the new ignition (I couldn't find my torx heads, but fortunately my 3/8 box end was sufficient), I pulled the whole stove back out again, and pulled the leads all the way through the back with the other end of the twine. I untied the twine, connected the new leads, and pushed the stove back in. Cross fingers.

But it worked! The ignition got hot right away, and we're back to baking. Woot! Other than the cost, this wasn't too bad a repair. If only the stove were easier to slide, too.

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At 1/11/11, 4:23 PM, Blogger Juliette Crane said...

looks like a ton of hard work to me! always impressive...

At 1/13/11, 6:52 PM, Blogger Crinis said...

I did it all during Viola's nap. That was risky, as having a half-open stove with a rambunctious toddler around open gas and electricity would not have been fun. As it was, she woke up as I putting in the last screw. The final test came while she was snacking. I threw open all the windows and stepped back, waiting for ignition... :-)


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