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One of my worst kept secrets is that I'm working on a Silicon Valley parody novel, called Pood!e. I read the intro at Tuesday Funk in Chicago:

As part of my novel research, I've been covertly working at a SiVl startup not far from the Google campus. In fact, by not far, I mean that I'm almost but not quite working _on_ the Google campus in Mountain View, CA. I have had coffee at Google once (their Americana isn't bad), and enjoyed their cafeteria food on several occasions. I must say, it lives up to its hype.

But the startup I'm working at the real tofu and potatoes of my novel. Google was once small, and the Silicon Valley dream is an interesting superset of the American Dream. But satire is hard to write. Every word, every sentence, every paragraph break must drip with sarcasm. How Joseph Campbell wrote his opus is beyond me ( oh, wait, not it's not, he just kept telling the same joke over in over in case we missed it the thirty other times he told it).

The dream will not die. I cannot count the times I've been offered positions in every sort of SiVl entrepreneurial enterprise. Silicon. Websites. E-Commerce. Telecom. There are so many VC vampires here, it's hard to keep track of the good ideas.

And I've learned that the good ideas aren't necessarily funded. Who is funded? The connected, the already pleasantly super-upper middle class. The I-know-this-white-dude-who'd-love-to-talk-to-you crowd.

But how to find a job? We all aren't potential VP material. Jobs are achieved by a careful ratio of your connections to the insiders of the company vs their desperation to hire anyone who might have a pulse. Sometimes they err. They fail to hire someone despite their vital signs, or hire someone because of their elevated blood pressure.

The next step: finish the novel! The material is dripping. The only thing i lack is the time to write it.


At 8/19/11, 12:24 PM, Blogger rahkan said...

Good luck. That sounds like a great idea for a novel (and you're pretty well positioned to write it). The only thing like it that I've read is Douglas Coupland's Microserfs (which is hecka outdated anyway).


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