I'm growing a beard. I'm doing this reluctantly. I've sported a circle beard before, in varying degrees of thickness. I prefer the clean-shaven look, but my facial skin is prone to rashes, especially with shaving. Over the xmas holidays, I was in Socal, on antibiotics, and ran out of shaving oil and aftershave. Since then, my face has yet to forgive me. Every time I take a razor to it, it breaks out into a hive of ingrown hairs and whiteheads. I stopped shaving hoping that the it would clear up (I've tried witch-hazel, hydrocortisone, triple-antibiotic ointment, and lavender face lotion. It still blimps up like I'm fifteen again. The only thing that seems to help it is if I don't touch it. So I'm forgone shaving for a while, and I'll see where this beard takes me.


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